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Searching for overhead door parts? We will review the major aspects you need to know when finding overhead door parts online.

Overhead Door Parts

Overhead door parts can generally be broken down into one of four categories: panel parts, spring parts, rail parts, and accessories. While there are dozens of different manufacturers and hundreds of different styles of doors, parts are standardized across most lines so that replacements can be easily ordered and installed.

Overhead Door Parts Available

As is to be expected, panel overhead door parts consist of the panels themselves, the hinges that connect them together, and the weatherproofing strip (called an Astragal) that attaches to the bottom of the door. It is possible to order a single replacement panel, either to repair damage or to upgrade the overhead door with a viewpane to allow light in. In some cases an entire new door can be ordered if the other parts of the door system are still in good shape and match the design your are ordering.

Overhead Door Parts - Springs

Spring overhead door parts consist of things such as torsion springs, extension springs, pulleys, cables, cable drums, bearing plates and center supports. Because of the strain placed upon these parts they are generally the first pieces to go in garage doors. Because of this replacement parts are readily available in most home improvement centers. However if the parts are not available there the manufacturer will likely have the parts long after they stop production of a particular line of doors since most of them are interchangeable from line to line.

Rail overhead door parts consist of the rails themselves, the lift brackets that attach to the door and keep it riding along the rail grooves in conjunction with the rollers, the roller carrier, and the brackets that attach the rail to the wall. Rollers can come in different sizes so if you are ever replacing one it is necessary to make sure you know the correct size roller. The size of the roller is determined by the size of the rail, however most rails are 2” so as to maintain standardization.

Overhead Door Accessories

Accessory overhead door parts cover everything from door handles, door locks, emergency release handles, overhead door openers and infrared obstruction sensors. Without these items the door can still function, however their addition makes operating the door that much more convenient and user-friendly.

Overhead door parts rely on each other for their continued usage, therefore owners should check these parts on a monthly basis. The door balance should be checked monthly, to make sure there is not too much strain placed upon the springs cables. Check to make sure that the door opens and closes smoothly and that it isn’t too hard to do so. While raising the door stop at some point before it is all the way up and make sure that the door remains stationary. Any door that doesn’t is out of balance and should be adjusted.

All moving parts need to be lubricated, which includes the bearings, hinges, and rollers. Under no circumstances should the door rails be lubricated, as this will simply coat the rails in a sticky substance that will attract more grime and dirt and result in a difficult to operate door. While only a trained technician should work on the door springs, homeowners can lubricate the springs to reduce friction and increase their lifespan.

Overhead door parts are at first glance rather confusing, but breaking them down into one of the four categories mention will make it easy to get a firm handle on what goes where and what it does.